Specialist Breast Centres, Basel and Zürich


University Hospital Breast Centre Basel

Spitalstrasse 21
4031 Basel
Tel. 061 265 91 19
Email: brustzentrum@uhbs.ch

Breast care nurse attached to University Hospital Breast Centre Basel:

Andrea Imgraben
Tel. 061 265 71 90
Email: imgrabena@uhbs.ch

Brustzentrum Regio Basiliensis

Aerztehaus Allschwil
Brennerstrasse 12,  4123 Allschwil
Tel. 061 485 94 06


Private breast centre in Basel, with a network of doctors in private practice, all specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the breast.

Breast care nurse attached to Brustzentrum Regio Basiliensis:

Rita Schnyder
Brustzentrum am Bethesda Spital
Gellertstrasse 144
4020 Basel
Tel. 061 315 26 75
Email: rita.schnyder@bethesda.ch

Brustzentrum Zurich
Seefeldstrasse 214
8008 Zürich
Tel. 044 380 76 60
Email: info@brust-zentrum.ch

Private breast centre in Zurich founded in 2001 by Prof. Christoph Rageth

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