Prostheses, Wigs and Turbans – where to find them in & around Basel

Das Perückenhaus
Güterstrasse 74
CH-4051 Basel
Tel. +41 61 272 10 10

Herr Bühler (who speaks very good English) offers an attentive service tailored to your needs at his specialist wig shop in Gundeli, just behind the SBB station. Visit while you still have your hair, so he can see both the colour and how you like to style it. He will then get in a selection of wigs for you to try. There’s also a package you can buy which includes one follow-up visit 6 weeks later when he will shampoo and re-style it for you. He can also advise on reimbursement from the IV (Invaliden Versicherung) and take care of all the necessary paperwork.


Reha Med
Sanitätshaus St Johann
Spitalstrasse 40
4056 Basel
Tel. 061 386 91 91

Shop near University Hospital Basel offering a sympathetic service (ask for Frau Imgrüth) and a good range of prostheses, underwear, swimsuits etc.
Ask about reimbursement by the IV (Invaliden Versicherung) – it depends on your age and insurance status.

Coiffure Beat
Ringmauerstrasse 3
4310 Rheinfelden
Tel. 061 831 5257

Recently opened salon in Rheinfelden (Switzerland) with friendly service and a good selection of wigs and headgear

Coiffure Serge (Serge Gissinger)
3 place Bochelen
68720 Illfurth (near Mulhouse)
Tel. 03 89 25 41 73

Salon near Mulhouse (France) offering a range of wigs and sympathetic, specialist advice

Haarboutique Hairba
Marktgasse 6, 4051 Basel

Tel. 061 261 51 57


Look Good….Feel Better
Tel. 043 243 03 35

A free service for cancer patients sponsored by the Look Good…Feel Better Foundation, offering in-hospital advice on makeup and hair care. Ask at your clinic or hospital.

The following websites offer a good selection of turbans and head coverings – browse through and see which appeals most; online ordering possible:

Mireille Mathys
Rue du Valentin 72
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
Tel. 024 420 12 75

Swiss-made chemo-hats

Gut behuetet

Beau Beau:

Hats and Hair Christine

s’Tuech (head scarves):


Head Covers (US):


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