Home Help and Home Oncology Services in the Basel area

Please note that where you live (Basel-Stadt, Baselland, France) dictates which services you may access

Spitex Basel (home help/nursing help, Basel-Stadt)
Feierabendstrasse 44
4051 Basel
Tel. 061 686 96 00
Fax: 061 686 96 19

Onko-Spitex (specialist home oncology nursing, Basel-Stadt)
Tel. 061 686 95 85
Felix Schläfli


Spitex Baselland (home help/nursing help Baselland)
Goldbrunnenstrasse 14
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 903 00 50

SEOP (specialist home oncology nursing, Baselland)
Kanonengasse 33
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 723 82 14

AKP Mahon (Allgemeine Haus- und Krankenpflege) – private agency offering home help/nursing services, Basel-Stadt)
Schützenmattstrasse 39, 4051 Basel
Tel. 061 534 50 20

Home help in France
Contact your general practitioner (géneraliste, médecin traitant) in the first instance to find out about an aide ménagère (home help) and other home-based services


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