Home Help and Home Oncology Services in the Basel area

Please note that where you live (Basel-Stadt, Baselland, France) dictates which services you may access

Spitex Basel Stadt (home help, home oncology nursing, children’s oncology nursing etc.)
Feierabendstrasse 44
4051 Basel
Tel. 061 686 96 00
Click on http://www.spitexbasel.ch/angebot/ to see the full range of services offered

Spitex Verband Baselland (home help/nursing help Baselland)
Schützenstrasse 4
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 903 00 50

SEOP BL (Spitalexterne Onkologiepflege Baselland)
Rheinstrasse 26
4410 Liestal
Contact: Frau Beatric Zobrist (Leitung, Palliative Care)
Tel. 061 723 82 14

AKP Mahon (Allgemeine Haus- und Krankenpflege) – private agency offering home help/nursing services, Basel-Stadt)
Schützenmattstrasse 39, 4051 Basel
Tel. 061 534 50 20

Home help in France
Contact your general practitioner (géneraliste, médecin traitant) in the first instance to find out about HAD (Hospitalisation à Domicile – home nursing services), aide ménagère (home help) and other home-based services


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