July meeting

IMG_5974-1Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday 27th July. We’ll get together first for lunch in Basel, followed by the meeting proper, which will be at the beautiful Haus der Krebsliga. If you would like to join us, you’d be most welcome – just drop us a line on cancersupportbasel@gmail.com and we’ll let you have all the details.

Wishing you a wonderful, warm summer, wherever you may be!


June Support Group Meeting

1-IMG_0405The planned support group meeting on Friday 8th June has been postponed – please watch this space for news of a meeting during the summer.

If you’d like to join us any time to meet like-minded people and share concerns and experiences, please send us a mail on cancersupportbasel@gmail.com and we’ll fill in all the details.

Please note that you’re most welcome to use our site as a resource – just click on any of the links in the banner above, where you’ll find information on various aspects and subjects of interest related to cancer.



April Support Group Meeting


Chocolate Easter egg from Bettys, Yorkshire, made with best Swiss chocolate

We’ll meet again on Friday 13th April at a central location in Basel for lunch, followed by our meeting at the beautiful, newly restored Haus der Krebsliga on Petersplatz – read all about this inspiring place here on our site. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to join us for lunch and/or the meeting by sending a mail on cancersupportbasel@gmail.com.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, warm Easter and plenty of treats, whether of the edible or huggable variety.


Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel – A New Door Opens for Cancer Patients in Basel

When a novel cancer support centre modelled on the UK’s Maggie’s Centres was announced in Basel, to be situated in an elegant patrician house on the Petersplatz in the heart of town, someone commented to me: “Do they really need such a great big beautiful place [just] for cancer patients?” I was stunned by the question. But after a bit, it dawned on me that to many people (maybe especially in Switzerland, where the concept is brand-new and unknown), the idea of converting a beautiful, historic monument at considerable expense into an informal walk-in centre offering free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends sounds – well, what does it sound? Unnecessary? Over the top? Superfluous? Weird, even?


Luckily for anyone in Basel affected by cancer, Krebsliga Beider Basel has gone ahead (thanks to a magnificent, anonymous donation) and done it anyway. Their new centre had its official opening on 17 November and it’s breathtaking.


If you’re aware of  Maggie’s Centres in the UK, you will know where this Basel venture is coming from. Maggie’s Centres are all situated in beautiful buildings – the house on the Petersplatz, built in 1860 by Emanuel Burckhardt, faithfully restored and beautifully modernised, ticks that particular box in spades. The architects have been respectful of the building’s original fabric, leaving all the ceiling mouldings, original windows (and fastenings) and doors in place. They’ve even restored to full working order the beautiful decorated ceramic stoves (Kacheloefen).


The result (just as for Maggie’s Centres, and borrowing some of their text) is a “warm, friendly, inspiring place, full of light, whose objective is to contribute to the continued wellbeing of an individual as they progress through cancer treatment.” Nothing superfluous, or OTT, or weird, just kind, and caring, and useful.

Office admin and all the services formerly offered in the Krebsliga offices in Mittlere Strasse (personal and family advice and support, links to home help and rehab organisations, advice on work and housing issues etc.) have transferred to the new premises on the Petersplatz. In addition, mammography screening and some psycho-social support programmes are administered from here. There are handicraft and art courses and support group meetings, as well as a reading room/library and a welcoming front room with coffee and tea on tap.


We plan to contribute our growing library of books and resources in English to their reference room, where they will set aside a section for information in English. We also hope to schedule some of our own meetings there. It’s a wonderful and most welcome initiative for Basel. For more information, all contact details are below:

Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel
Petersplatz 12
Tel. +41 (0)61 319 99 88
Open weekdays, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Support group meeting, 6 October 2017


After a rather long summer break, we’ll get together again on Friday 6th October for our autumn/fall meeting, to catch up on the news and to welcome new members. We’ll meet at 12h30 over a light lunch in a central location in Basel, and the meeting will follow directly on.

Whether you’re an ‘old hand’ at cancer and all that goes with it, or newly diagnosed and looking for support and advice in English, we’re here to help. Take a look at the articles in the header for a selection of topics that might be of interest. And to find out more about the group and what we offer, or to join us for lunch in October, just mail us on cancersupportbasel@gmail.com and we’ll do the rest.

Looking forward to seeing you!


A New Cancer Support Centre for Basel

This striking house on the beautiful Petersplatz in central Basel, currently a building site, will become the Krebsliga Beider Basel’s drop-in centre/meeting place for cancer patients, thanks to a mind-blowingly generous bequest from an anonymous donor. It will open at the end of September and is modelled on Maggie’s Centres in the UK, where cancer sufferers can go for help, advice, support or just to hang out in a beautiful place and gather strength. Many of the staff on hand speak English, and we plan to contribute our growing library of books and resources in English to their reference room, where they will set aside a section for information in English. We also hope to schedule some of our own meetings there.

It’s a fabulous development, a fantastic resource for the city and a first for Basel. Watch this space for more news as it unfolds. And if you’re not familiar with Maggie’s Centres, take a look at their website, here, to get an idea of the kind of services and facilities they offer, some of which will be replicated in the Basel Krebsliga house.

March Support Group Meeting

3-IMG_1456There’s a promise of spring in the air, the crocuses are just poking their heads up through the grass, the bees are buzzing about once more and we’re celebrating the near-arrival of spring here in Basel.

We’ve had a bit of a pause from our regular activities at Cancer Support Basel, though please know we are still very much available for support via an email exchange or in a follow-up chat and/or meeting.

Our regular lunches will now take place quarterly, rather than monthly, and the next get-together will be on Friday 17th March. Please let us know by mailing us on cancersupportbasel@gmail.com if you’d like to find out more about the group, and/or join us on that day.

Wishing everyone the joy of warm breezes on the face and delight at the promise of warmer times.