Cancer Organisations – some useful links

Krebsliga beider Basel
Mittlere Strasse 35
4056 Basel
Tel. 061 319 99 88

The Swiss Cancer League (head office in Bern, branch office in Basel) offers telephone helplines, support groups, respite weeks, financial assistance and many online and printed resources for cancer patients and families, some in English

Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz
Florastrasse 14
4600 Olten
Tel. 062 297 00 11
Email: (Monika Bussmann)

The Swiss Children’s Cancer Support organisation. They hold a number of excellent books in English for children and for parents (That Day – picture book, the story of a little boy with leukemia, the most prevalent form of childhood cancer; Andrew’s Story – about a boy who beat cancer; Angels & Monsters – a child’s eye view of cancer with photos and messages from
children with cancer; Chemotherapy, Cakes and Cancer – an A to Z survival guide for living with childhood cancer, written by a 14 year old girl; Chemogirl -written by a 12 year old girl, who developed the concept of ‘chemogirl’ to help her cope with the chemotherapy treatments; My Brain Tumor Adventures – story of a little boy coping with a brain tumor (picture book, written for 2-7 year olds)

Breast Cancer Care

UK-based organisation offering a helpline, online forums and a range of useful publications, free (up to 10 copies). Our group holds a certain number of BCC publications – please contact us ( to find out which

Cancer Research UK

UK-based cancer research organisation, with a wide range of handouts and publications on all types of cancer

NACCPO (National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations)
UK-based organisation offering advice and support to parents of children with cancer

A kids’ website which explains breast cancer in easily understandable language

American Cancer Society’s website, with publications on childhood cancers, and on coping strategies for children whose parents have cancer’s breast cancer page – blogs, forums, advice

2045 Peachtree Road
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30309
Tel. +1 (404) 892-1437

A US-based organisation set up to help children and families understand the effects of cancer and chemotherapy on a loved one – books, videos/DVDs, free of charge but donations gratefully received


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