Talk by Maya Monteverde, SEOP Baselland



On November 24th 2009, special guest Maya Monteverde came and talked to the group about the organization SEOP-BL.

From Maya we learned about the specific care that SEOP offers and how it is different from that offered by Spitex.

SEOP’s goal is “to provide cancer patients at home with specialized oncological and palliative care even in complex conditions.” They do this by providing planning of home care (a large part is coordination between doctors, patients, and Spitex), counseling, and symptom management.

One of the differences between Spitex and SEOP is the counseling role that SEOP provides. There’s a greater emphasis on pain management, fewer visits for daily problems but more coordination and long-term care help. Also different is that SEOP can do transfusions at home, not just infusions.

We learned that the basic principles of palliative home care are:

  • respecting the autonomy of  patients and family members
  • prevention in thinking and acting
  • providing a stable network
  • providing security

Maya and the group concluded with a Q & A session. We talked about the problems of informing the public of SEOP’s services, the biggest problem being lack of information: many doctors are not well informed of the care that SEOP provides.

(Thanks to Kylie Pilcher for compiling these notes for us)


SEOP Baselland
Kanonengasse 33
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 723 82 14



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